On Demand

Vatican Player

The Vatican Player can be found here. This allows you to watch most of the events broadcast by CTV (Centro Televisivo Vaticano), and all of the Papal Events. Events can be viewed with either original audio (with no commentary), or  with commentary in either English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish (provided by Radio Vaticana). To view video the Silverlight Plugin is required. To view previous events on demand, in the player click the Agenda button, which will bring up a calender, where to view past events simply click the date at which they occurred.

The Vatican also has its own Youtube Page. This is where it uploads shorts clips of Papal Events, as well as streaming live events.

The Vatican also has a Youtube Page about Pope John Paul II, for the occasion of his beatification. Short Clips during his pontificate was uploaded.



EWTN Live shows are available on demand from the EWTN webiste, here. This content can also be viewed from the EWTN Youtube Page. This has all the EWTN Live programs along with the homilies delivered during the daily masses.



Telepace shows are available from its website, here.


Canção Nova

Canção Nova Live shows are available from the Canção Nova Youtube Page.



TV2000 programming can be found here.



KTO programs are available from the KTO Youtube Page.



Noursat offers video on demand on its website, here. It also has a Youtube page which contains clips from the network.



K-TV offers video on demand of Papal events on its website, here (need to scroll down, on the left hand side under heading of Cephas Videos). It also has a Youtube page which contains clips from the network.



TRWAM shows are available from the TV TRWAM Youtube Page.



TRSP shows are available on its website, here. It also has a Youtube Page which contains some of the networks broadcasts.

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