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Broadcast in Italian

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Free-to-Air Satellite


Eutelsat HotBird 13A/B/C at 13.0E



HD (DVB-S2) Feed

Frequency: 12475 MHz

Polarity: Horizontal

Symbol Rate: 29900

FEC Rate: 3/4

Transpoder: 89


Satellite Packages

Sky Italia: Channel 515



Optus D2 at 152.0E

New Zealand and Australia


Frequency: 12581 MHz

Polarity: Horizontal

Symbol Rate: 22500

FEC Rate: 3/4

Transpoder: 14L


One Response to “Telepace”

  1. Marisa Loren 31 December, 2020 at 10:04 pm #

    Hello there! I have a comment about ‘Programme 365’ which was broadcast in Adelaide SA on 1st Jan 21 at 8am. The programme entitled ‘I miracoli della preghiera’ featured Cardinal Angelo Conastri (?spelling). The background music was from the film ‘The Mission’ by Enrico Morricone. The music was far too loud. I could not hear what the Cardinal was saying. (I have heard loudish background music in other programmes on Telepace too). Anyway…the Cardinal’s important words and messages this morning were drowned out by the music. When a person is hearing impaired, background noise is magnified. Could you please remove the back ground music? I leave this comment with profoundly good intentions. I so love Telepace. Thank you for everything and Happy 2021 Sincerely Marisa

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